Respite Care

Offering caregivers the time to rejuvenate and serve better.

When you look after someone who’s sick or disabled, it’s a 24-hour job. As a home care service provider, we have a full grasp of the fulfilling yet draining responsibilities of caregiving. Although we at Chronicles Caregivers are well-trained and oriented on the vigor of care giving, we still meet challenges that leave us exhausted and more empathic of the troubles of primary caregivers. We offer this service to ensure that all individuals receive the right care at all times.

When you need a break from time to time to look after your own needs, that’s where our caregivers can help. We aim to offer a safe, comfortable place for your loved one while you’re away. Rest assured your loved ones’ needs are met accordingly while you take care of your other responsibilities or relax. With our respite care services, primary caregivers can continue uplifting the quality of life of their loved ones without compromising their own.

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