We make sure you actively participate in your treatment.

Our caregivers at Chronicles Caregivers understand that medications can easily be forgotten and ignored, regardless of age. This is undoubtedly true for patients with multiple medications. Moreover, while this becomes a concern with seniors who are suffering from dementia, it can also be a concern with healthy seniors who have difficulty keeping track of what they have and haven’t taken. Thus, one of the most critical tasks we perform with our clients concerns medication reminders.

Whether there are specific medications that need to be taken pre or post-surgical procedures, or as with many clients, an increasing number of pills that have to be taken each day as part of the normal course of treatment, our trained caregivers can help to ensure that a doctor’s recommended regimen is followed. Managing medications, documenting prescription intake, and assistance with necessary refills can be performed by our dedicated caregivers to increase medication adherence.

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