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The very reason that made home care services essential to individuals and families is the maintenance of one’s health. When meeting nutritional needs is becoming a challenge for an individual, our experts step in to aid. Our caregivers at Chronicles Caregivers are trained in good nutritional habits and can guide clients towards healthier eating options. Many of our caregivers have specialized training in senior nutrition and meal planning. They have studied the impact of diet changes on the body and psychological factors that impact regular consumption. We train our staff to ensure that they know how to work with seniors that exhibit a reduced appetite due to specific medications, a slower metabolism, or mental health issues.

While we work with our clients and families to ensure that proper meals are prepared, we also know the importance of close communication with our client’s physicians, who may have previously set up specific dietary guidelines that need to be followed. When planning, scheduling and preparing our client’s meals, we take their nutritional requirements, palate preferences, and prescribed special diets into consideration. Above all, we make sure to provide them with portions of daily nutrients that will boost and maintain their strength and energy.

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