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The ability of the patient to comply with treatment is paramount to regaining independence and achieving their optimal health. However, to do so in a fragile state may be impossible for most patients which is why Chronicles Caregivers offers non-medical assistance by providing inpatient care services. Seniors who may be living far from their loved ones, or who have little local support in the way of family or friends can benefit from our services as we collaborate with their physicians in meeting their daily needs while recovering in a healthcare facility.

Chronicles Caregivers understands the unique and special needs of our clients and we have established processes to help expedite their recovery and ensure their safety and comfort during their hospital stay. We do so by monitoring their condition, recording doctor’s visits, reporting changes and progress with professionals and family members. Our team of experienced aides can help your loved one close communication loops with the family, agency management, and healthcare practitioners to guarantee the best possible outcome.

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