Delivering special care with compassion

Caring for an individual suffering from memory problems or loss is a higher-level challenge that our team at Chronicles Caregivers is prepared for. Our team is properly trained to provide professional assistance and intensive care to elders diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other memory problems. We strive to assist your loved ones in performing daily tasks and stimulating their cognitive functioning to promote independence as much as possible. We can also help redirect your loved one’s attention to productive activities that can aid their treatment and decelerate the distress and progression of their condition.

With our clear understanding of your loved one’s condition, our team is able to address their unique and special needs accordingly and arrange other support services that they require to improve their quality of life. Chronicles Caregivers wants only the best for your loved ones, that includes their family members. Hence, we make sure that our clients establish and maintain their relationship with their loved ones by educating their loved ones of their condition and progress and encouraging communication in families. You can trust us to provide the assistance your loved ones need to live a healthy and fulfilling life in every stage of their condition.